There are REST API endpoints for determining the DeepHub® version and the health of the DeepHub® Docker container. These endpoints are the following:

  • <URL>/deephub/version
  • <URL>/deephub/health

These endpoints are reachable without authentication. However, in order to reach them, the "guest" role in the permissions.yaml file of the hub-data folder needs to be configured in the following way:

    description: A read only guest access
    - READ_ANY
    - READ_OWN
    - READ_ANY
    - READ_OWN

Calling the /version endpoint will provide information in the following format:

  "hub_version": "Deep Hub 2021 R1, 1.2.1",
  "vendor": "Heidelberg Mobil international GmbH",
  "api_version": "1.2.1",
  "license": ""

If the DeepHub® Docker container is healthy, calling the /health endpoint will respond with an empty array and the "200 OK" HTTP status code:

The health of a running DeepHub® Docker container can also be determined by executing the "docker ps" command in a terminal: